Who we are

The company OLLC EVERST SUD SERVICES (ESS SERVICES) operating in the fields of Public Works and Buildings and logistics services for oil and gas companies and rental Material and Engine, created in January 2019 by Mr. BENMIR NABIL .

Motivated by the choice of a continuous development strategy, OLLC EVERST SUD SERVICES wants to invest and diversify its actions towards the various projects of the other sectors of activity, which it offers to its clients among others:
Construction sector;
Sector of Hydraulics;
Hydrocarbons sector;
Environment Sector.
Rental sector
Sector Logistics Oil and Gas Services .
Name and Company Name

Last name First name of the manager with signing authority: BENMIR NABIL
Head Office: Hassi Messaoud- Ouargla
Numéro de Téléphone du Siège : 00213 671 54 59 93
Numéro de Fax du Siège : 00213 29-77-73-03.
Manager Mobile Number: 00213 671 54 59 93
Company’s Email Address : ess.services@yahoo.com

Legal and financial information

Company form : OLLC
Company’s date of creation of: 16/01/2019.
Trade Register Reference

N° 30/00-0125840 B 19
On: 16/01/2019

Our objective & policy


I. Objectives

OLLC EVERST SUD SERVICES undertakes, in accordance with its policy, to satisfy the requirements and needs of its customers, to provide quality services and products in the required time and at competitive costs.

II. Policy
OLLC EVERST SUD SERVICES works and continues to raise awareness among its executives and all its employees to adhere to its quality policy through respect:
the applicable specifications and standards in force;
the national regulations in force;
international standards in the field of hydrocarbon pipelines;
occupational health and safety standards in force;
environnemental standards and contraints;
the provision of quality products and services;
responsiveness and availability of customer expectations.